Commercial Maintenance Plan

Locally owned and operated, Tower Heating and Air, LLC is a professional and established Wake County HVAC contractor you can trust. Our services include system maintenance, repairs, and complete installations for residential properties, apartment complexes, multi-family homes, restaurants, institutions, and more.

We Know Commercial HVAC

Tower Heating & Air - Raleigh, NC Heating and AC Repair

We have over four decades of experience installing new commercial heating and air systems as well as diagnosing, repairing, or replacing large units. Our expertise includes:

  • Rooftop Systems
  • Zoning Systems
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Towers
  • Pumps
  • Air Purification Systems

Commercial Maintenance Programs

Tower Heating and Air Commercial AC Repair Raleigh

Enroll in our Commercial Maintenance Program to ensure that your system stays clean, current, and efficient. We understand that an equipment malfunction directly relates to commercial productivity and we work quickly to solve the problem correctly the first time.

With our customized Commerical Maintenance Program, we can help stop mechanical issues before they ever become a problem, avoiding emergency closures and enabling your company to remain open and productive.

Included in the Commerical Maintenance Program are four to six routine maintenance visits per year. Check out some of the other benefits below:

  • ON-TIME: Scheduled maintenance is performed like clockwork
  • DONE RIGHT: All services performed by a master technician
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: We’re looking for little things going wrong to help avoid big catastrophes later and reduce your repair costs
  • REPORTS PROVIDED: Each visit includes a written report which helps you track what’s going on in your business
  • FULL SERVICE: We take care of every detail, right down to the filters and trash removal
  • SDS: Safety data sheets are available for cleaning products, complying with all regulations
  • PROFESSIONAL COURTESY: We check in and check out so your team knows what’s going on
  • REDUCE YOUR COSTS: Proper maintenance greatly extends equipment life and reduces your replacement frequency
  • CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Your plan includes everything you need, nothing you don’t
  • FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS: Not your HVAC systems

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Scott Reopelle is our dedicated Commerical Maintenance Project Manager here at Tower Heating & Air and he’s ready to talk to you about your next project. Please contact Scott today at or 919-899-1482.