We Provide Comfort at Every Level

One of our main objectives at Tower Heating & Air is to ensure that all of our clients feel safe and comfortable in their own homes, at every level—from consistent temperature to balanced humidity to improved air quality. Our technicians have years of experience in the field, and our Peace of Mind Membership Plan keeps you covered in the event of an emergency and guarantees your home systems run smoothly all year long. We also carry a variety of products that help with your indoor air quality and help maintain a comfortable home while also saving you time and money. See a list of our indoor air quality products below, and give us a call for a free installation estimate at 919-646-2940.

Air Cleaners & Air Purification Equipment

Mold and mildew can often get built up in your space. These growths can be hazardous to your health and well-being. We install and repair whole-house air cleaners, air purifiers, and UV light systems that can get rid of dust, dust mites, spores, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and more—in addition to mold and mildew—which keep your interior environment hypo-allergenic.

Do you have rooms in your home that are always too hot or too cold? Your ductwork could be to blame. Over time, your ductwork may separate which creates gaps. Your ductwork can be broken in your attic or under your home and you may not know about it. These breaks and gaps can lead to air from your HVAC system leaking into areas of your home you do not want to target such as walls, attics, under your home, crawl spaces, closets, and walls. This can cause you to feel uncomfortable in your home and wastes money that you are spending on heating and cooling.

Zoning Systems

Programmable thermostats help control the heating/cooling needs of your home by zones, which helps with room-by-room comfort control, saves energy, and reduces utility bills.


We specialize in installing whole-house humidifiers, but can also install and repair all major brands of humidifiers to improve your comfort, protect your health, and save energy.

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There are a variety of ways we can help you maintain an increased comfort level in your home. As a locally owned and operated business, we are dedicated to all of our client’s health and safety. Need help installing and repairing one of the products below or not sure where to start to improve your home’s air quality? Give us a call today at 919-646-2940 for a free estimate.