HVAC Horror Stories

In the spirit of the spooky season, we rounded up some HVAC horror stories from our team. Some are true nightmares, while others are just hilarious! These are our true scary stories (except the parts that are not 😉).


True Robin Hood

At Christmas, a young boy received a bow and arrows as a gift. That afternoon, he and his father set up a target in the backyard. One of the shots went wide and hit the neighbor’s air conditioner, punching a hole in the outdoor coil and letting all the refrigerant out.

The scary part: The hole was not repairable, and the coil was no longer made. Dad had to pay for an entire new outdoor unit.

True Einstein

The service call stated that the air conditioner ran all the time and could not keep up. There were two problems: First, the filter was so clogged that it got sucked into the return ductwork. Second, the indoor cooling coil was packed solid with dirt. What could have been a low-cost regular filter change became a time-consuming and expensive indoor coil cleaning.

The scary part: The homeowner did not even know there were filters in the system.

True Chemist

The homeowner said he cleaned his own outdoor unit and “don’t need no stinking maintenance.” When the unit stopped working, it was discovered that the fins on the outdoor coil were almost completely dissolved. When asked about the cleaning procedures, the homeowner proudly showed the proper HVAC cleaning product. When asked for his dilution mix, he responded, “Dilution. I don’t need no stinking dilution!” A new unit was in his immediate future.

The scary part: He still thinks he can do his own maintenance.

True Mom

Recently, a brilliant homeowner caught her young son sneaking Cheerios into the floor vent. When asked what he was doing, he replied with the typical “nothing.” Upon inspection of the floor vent, the mom found peas and carrots, chicken nuggets, a G.I. Joe head, two nickels, her pearl necklace, and a map to where Jimmy Hoffa is hidden.

The scary part: She almost fit the boy in there too!

The Moral of the Stories

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