What Does It Mean When Your Thermostat Is Blank?

Is your thermostat blank? Has the temperature in your home changed?

Blank Thermostat at Tower Heating and Air

Though a blank thermostat is not usually a major issue, it does need to be addressed. If it is not addressed, it can lead to bigger problems and the temperature in your home can become uncomfortable quickly. Check out the five reasons your thermostat could be blank and give us a call at 919-646-2940 to help with any of these issues.

  1. The Thermostat Batteries Have Died: This one has a few caveats… First things first, does the thermostat run on batteries? If it does, try replacing the batteries and see if the thermostat turns back on. However, many residential thermostats run on the home’s power supply, not batteries. If your thermostat runs on the power supply but has a spot for batteries, do not put batteries in. The thermostat is blank because something else is wrong and it is letting you know.
  2. The Circuit Breaker Tripped: Typically, thermostats are connected to the main electrical system and they could be on the same breaker as other devices that draw too much power—like a hair dryer. If the breaker has tripped, flip the switch back on and see if it restores power to the thermostat.
  3. The Safety Switch Was Triggered: This is the reason you do not want to put batteries into a thermostat that does not need them. In many homes, an air conditioner and furnace trigger a safety switch and turn off the thermostat if any damage has been detected to let you know something is wrong. If you put batteries in, it will override this feature and the thermostat will turn back on but the problem is still there and your HVAC will continue not to work. The safety switch detects problems like excess moisture or high temperatures within your system and prompts it to turn off before damages occur. During the summer, this usually happens when there is a water overflow in the condensate pan. In the winter, a safety switch can be triggered when the unit becomes too hot. Either way, call us (919-646-2940) right away if the safety switch has been triggered.
  4. The Furnace Door is Open: Some thermostats, like Honeywell, have a blank screen that could be an indication of a furnace door that was not completely closed. Check to make sure the door is closed and if it is not, close it and see if the power in the thermostat comes back on.
  5. The Thermostat is Broken: Most thermostats last around 10 years but this depends on the model. If you have had your thermostat for a while it could be time for a new one!

Do You Have Our Thermostat Lifetime Warranty Sticker?

When you purchase any thermostat with the Tower name and phone number on it, we will warranty it forever—parts and labor—for no additional charge! To qualify for our warranty, check for these two things:

  • The thermostat must have a pre-printed label with “Tower HVAC (919-887-7932)” attached to it.
  • The thermostat failure must be diagnosed and the repair or replacement performed by Tower Heating and Air.

If you qualify, your limited warranty is good for the life of the structure on which it was originally installed. This means the warranty can transfer to a new owner. It also means the warranty is still good even if the equipment it controls is replaced.

Is Your Thermostat Blank?

Give us a call today at 919-646-2940 and we will get to the bottom of the problem right away!

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