How to Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

North Carolina is in peak hurricane season right now (runs June through November), with several tropical storms hitting our coast as of late. Being just a couple of hours from the coast, Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle area can get hit quite hard with the after-effects of a hurricane during this time of year. One of the worst things to do during hurricane season is to not be prepared, so we pulled together some tips for protecting your home—and yourself—until hurricane season winds down in November.

Secure or Remove Outdoor Furniture

During periods of high winds, whatever furniture or other objects are strewn throughout your outdoor spaces could get taken up and thrown into your own home (resulting in a broken window—or worse), putting both you and your home in danger. Consider putting items inside the house or in an enclosed storage space when hurricanes are on the horizon.

Cover and Secure Your Windows/Doors

Those hurricane winds can be brutal. Take extra precautions by covering your windows with plywood, or install permanent storm shutters. You should also secure your doors, and consider outfitting your garage with a wind-load garage door or put in a hurricane shutter or brace onto your existing garage door.

Learn How to Shut Off Your Utilities

Wind and water damage from hurricanes could seriously impair your utilities, especially electricity, plumbing, and sewage. Before disaster strikes, be prepared by learning how to shut off your utilities beforehand—and, hopefully, you’ll never have to use your newfound skill in an emergency.

Be Prepared for Outages

As we all know, during serious storms it’s expected that your power will go off. Get ahead of the inconvenience by purchasing a backup generator for appliances and a backup battery for your sump pump (prevents flooding!). Another good tip: have extra ice for perishables.

Create a Home Emergency Kit

Whether a hurricane or some other natural disaster, you should keep an emergency kit handy for whenever, well, an emergency arises. Include things such as water and nonperishable food, flashlights, a first-aid kit, extra batteries, and any medical equipment/medicine you or a family member may need.

We’re here for you in case of any emergency, or even to help you prepare for a natural disaster like a hurricane. Need assistance? Give us a call at  919-755-1957.