We Have Refrigerant

You may have seen things in the news or online lately talking about the shortage of R-22, also commonly known as Freon, but we have good news. There is no shortage at Tower Heating & Air! If you are in need of R-22, we can get you cooling right away.

Why the Shortage

Though we are not currently experiencing the effects of the shortage, it is still important to understand why it is occurring and what it may mean for you in the future. R-22 is used to make the air cold in your air conditioner. In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) realized that R-22 harms the Earth’s protective ozone layer when it is released into the air. The EPA then made a plan to slowly take it off the market by the year 2020 by stopping manufacturers from producing it. However, R-22 air conditioners were made until 2010, and it is still what most people are using to cool their homes today.

If you are having a problem with your cooling system we will talk with you about what your options are and see if it would be best for you to purchase more of the R-22 or if it might be time for you to switch to a new system. At Tower Heating & Air we only do the work that you need, nothing more and nothing less. We have no hidden charges in our services and will walk with you through each step in the process so you understand why we are doing it and so you can feel confident in the decision as well.

Are You Hot?

We have had record-breaking temperatures in the Triangle lately. If your system is not running properly, call us right now: 919-755-1957. Whether it is a problem with your R-22 or something completely different, we will get your system cooling again as soon as possible.