What to Set Your Thermostat to While You’re on Vacation

Summer is finally here! Do you have any beach trips planned? Weekends at the lake? As you are packing your bags, we have something else to add to your checklist: your thermostat. One of the questions we get asked all the time at Tower Heating & Air is what temperature should you set the thermostat to when you are going to be gone for a few days? Keep reading for all the details on how you can save energy while you are away without damaging your home.

Don’t Turn it Off

First things first, never turn OFF your air conditioner! If you do, it will take a very long time for your house to cool off again. Even worse – this won’t save you any money – it could actually end up costing you more. Turning your air conditioner off on warm days will actually force your air conditioner to work harder to get back to the desired temperature when you return home. Heat and humidity build up in your home’s walls, furniture, and carpet so it will take many hours to eliminate that heat.

Four Degrees

When you are planning to leave for a few days, we believe the magic number is four degrees. If your home is normally set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, bump it up to 82 when you go on vacation. This will help keep those utility bills lower and keep you comfortable when you arrive back home.

Pro Tip: We recommend setting your home’s cooling system at 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home.

Is it Time to Replace Your Thermostat?

Did you know there are thermostat systems available now that give you the power to change the temperature in your home with your phone? We carry a variety of different brands including the Nest Learning Thermostat. The Nest Learning Thermostat is beautifully designed to keep you comfortable and help save energy. It learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule around yours. Independent studies have shown that Nest Learning Thermostat saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills, so in about two years, it pays for itself! It’s also perfect for when you go on vacation and forget to change the thermostat!

Source: Nest.com.

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