Hot & Mold – A Terrible Combo

Peanut butter & jelly, spaghetti & meatballs, summer & the beach, there are lots of great combos but heat & mold has to be one thing that goes hand-in-hand that we hate! Mold loves moisture and if you are not careful, it can end up in your HVAC system. Mold is not only bad for your home, but it is bad for your health.


Effects of Mold

Mold produces dust and allergens that can cause a variety of health problems including respiratory issues, coughing or wheezing, itchy eyes, throat irritation, fatigue, headaches, vomiting, nausea, and nasal stuffiness.

How Mold Gets in Your HVAC System

During the summer months, water vapor begins to form inside of your air ducts as the cool air passes through them. If there is a high level of humidity in the air, which is common in North Carolina, the water vapor will collect instead of evaporating as it usually does. This creates the perfect home for mold to grow. The mold is then fed by pollen, dead skin cells, dirt, and dust that collect inside the duct with the water. From there, you have mold.

What to Do

We recommend having someone perform a routine inspection of your HVAC system to ensure you do not have mold. Our team would love to come to take a look. The Tower Heating & Air Maintenace Plan includes two cleaning visits, one in the fall and one in the spring, making this the perfect time to join!

Blue Tube UV

We also carry an awesome product called Blue Tube UV. This UV light kills the mold and germs that are inside your central air system. It is proven effective at sterilizing mold and other biological contaminants. Not only does the Blue Tube UV improve your health, but it also helps prolong the life and efficiency of your system.

According to the EPA indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor. The light is guaranteed to improve your indoor air quality by sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air as it cycles through the central air system.

We would love to help you breathe a little easier by ensuring that the air your family breathes is protected. Give us a call today at 919-755-1957.