Tips for Cooling a Sunroom

Sunrooms are a popular feature in many homes and a great place to relax or host guests. They provide a nice halfway point between being indoors and being outside. They keep bugs and pests away so you can enjoy the summer in peace. However, when summertime in North Carolina hits, you may not be able to use your sunroom if you cannot keep it cool. We all know how hot it can be from May to August and beyond. If you are missing out on being able to enjoy your sunroom during the sunny months, give us a call at 919-755-1957 and keep reading for tips to keep this area of your home cool.

Cooling a SunroomCooling a Sunroom

Use window tinting. You can have your sunroom windows tinted to keep some of the heat from the sun out of the room.

Install blinds to block out the sun. This is cheaper than tinting the windows and will also help keep some of the sun out when you need to.

Add on to your central air. Getting air to flow into the sunroom is going to be the best way to keep the area functional all summer long. The good thing is, there are many ways you can do this. One way is by expanding the HVAC vents for your AC unit. You will need to make sure your current HVAC unit is able to take on the task of cooling the extra space.

Purchase a ductless AC unit. Ductless systems combine the flexibility of portable units with the power of central air. Ductless units work on their own so there is no need to have a vent in your sunroom. They are also much quieter than window units.

Don’t forget the ceiling fan. If you already have a ceiling fan, make sure it is running in a counterclockwise direction when you looking up at it. This will cause the fan to blow the air straight down.

Are you looking for more Tower Tips to cool your sunroom? Our team would love to come give it a look and recommend what options would be best for you. Give us a call at 919-755-1957 and we will get someone out ASAP so you can start enjoying the warm weather.