Do You Have Our Thermostat Lifetime Warranty Sticker?

“A+”, “Good Job”, “You’re Awesome”, “Keep it Up”. We usually hand out stickers to our children when they are doing something right but at Tower Heating & Air, we have one sticker that all the adults are going to want to have. Make sure you have our Thermostat Lifetime Warranty sticker (aka the gold star). Keep reading to learn how you can “earn” one.

Thermostat Lifetime Warranty Program

When you purchase any thermostat with the Tower name and phone number on it, we will warranty it forever – parts AND labor – for no additional charge!

To qualify for our warranty, check for these two things:

  • The thermostat must have a pre-printed label with “Tower HVAC (919-755-1957)” attached to it.
  • The thermostat failure must be diagnosed and the repair or replacement performed by Tower Heating and Air.

If you qualify, your limited warranty is good for the life of the structure on which it was originally installed. This means the warranty can transfer to a new owner. It also means the warranty is still good even if the equipment it controls is replaced.

If you do not have a label/sticker. Call us at 919-755-1957 and we will mail you a sticker for your existing thermostat to cover you under the warranty at no additional charge.

Included in the Limited Warranty

With our limited warranty comes lots of benefits including:

  • Labor to diagnose the thermostat problem.
  • Labor and material to repair the thermostat if repairable.
  • Labor and materials needed to replace the thermostat if not repairable.

Not Included in the Limited Warranty

  • There must actually be something wrong with the thermostat; diagnostics and repairs to the equipment or wiring are not included. Batteries are not covered.
  • If the exact thermostat is no longer available, Tower will provide a replacement of similar or greater features.

Ready to Get Your Sticker?

It would be our privilege to be your first call if your thermostat is not working. If your thermostat is no longer available, we will give you a new one with similar or better features, free of charge!

For more information on our Thermostat Lifetime Limited Warranty Program, click the button below, or call 919-755-1957.