Ask the Experts

Our heating & air experts are always here when you need them! We are taking questions for the Tower Heating & Air blog. Chances are if you have a question, someone else is probably wondering about the same thing. Here are a few questions we have gotten in the past. Email us what is on your mind and we will answer them next month on our blog.

What should I do if my AC stops working?

First off, verify that your thermostat is set to “Cool” and the fan switch is set to “Auto”. Once this has been verified, check your breakers to see if any have been tripped or are in mid position. Turn them completely back off and then back on. Some thermostats have a delay period of up to 10 minutes after a power interruption. Wait 10 minutes after you do this and if it still does not come on, call us at (919) 755-1957.

Why is my system so loud?

Make sure your vents are fully opened in all of your rooms. If they are, you may need your ductwork properly sized. We would be happy to give you a complementary look-see on this problem.

How do you replace an air filter?

1. Flip the latches to the opposite position to release the vent cover.

2. Open the vent cover and lay carefully on the floor (or let hang from the ceiling if working with an overhead vent).

3. Carefully grab the cardboard lattice of the filter to lift it out of the vent. Be sure to have a nearby trash bag to dispose of the filter to avoid extraneous dust spread.

4. Insert the new filter by tucking one end into the vent first and gently pushing the other end into place.

Bonus tip: Write the date on the new filter to remind you when to replace it in a few months!

5. Close the vent and return the latches to the secure position.

Do I need to be on the Maintenance Plan?

Yes! Our clients that are on our Maintenance Plan have had less than a 2% failure rate over the last two years. Included in the Maintenace Plan are two cleaning visits. We will come out once in the fall and once in the spring to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. You will also receive a 15% discount on all parts and labor for normal repairs, priority scheduling, no overtime rates for emergency service, and more! Check out the other benefits of signing up for our Maintenace Plan.