How to Replace Your Home Air Filter

Air filters remove the dust and debris from your home that would otherwise clog the air conditioning and heating system and potentially affect your respiratory health. We recommend changing your air filters every three months—or more, if you have hairy pets (even a hamster!). Find an affordable, effective filter at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, and follow these simple steps to keep breathing easy!

1. Flip the latches to the opposite position to release the vent cover.

2. Open the vent cover and lay carefully on the floor (or let hang from the ceiling if working with an overhead vent).

3. Carefully grab the cardboard lattice of the filter to lift it out of the vent. Be sure to have a nearby trash bag to dispose the filter to avoid extraneous dust spread.

4. Insert the new filter by tucking one end into the vent first and gently pushing the other end into place.

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Bonus tip: Write the date on the new filter to remind you when to replace it in a few months!

5. Close the vent and return the latches to the secure position.

Voila! Easy! Filters are just the “face” of your HVAC system—the outside layer of cleanliness. For duct cleaning (the deep-down scrubbing that you might not want to attempt), give us a call or email.

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